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Thalasso Cantábrico Las Sirenas

Las Sirenas Resort is located in one of the most beautiful landscapes in Galicia, the Viveiro estuary, which is located only 3 km away from the town and only 500 m. away from Covas, on the road from Ferrol to Santander (N-642). The hotel is located by a big clean beach.

Viveiro has a surface of 109,3 sqm, where 15.240 inhabitants live. It is divided by the Landrove river, that comes from the mountain and ends in the sea in a beautiful estuary. The Viveiro estuary is one of the Rias Altas in Galicia. This area has beautiful beaches, like Area, as well as coves and cliffs.

The main cities in Galicia are connected by modern roads that cross places of singular beauty.

To la Coruña: 120
To Santiago de Compostela: 140
To Ferrol: 80
To Lugo: 85

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